For Candidates

What is Get Hired 2020?

GetHired 2020 is a virtual hiring event organized by PWiC (www.pwic.org) and partners on two separate weekends focused on hiring in Pakistan and North America. It is a virtual experience just like an in-person job fair. Each participating company has a virtual booth that you can explore to know more about the company, its mission, its open positions, its culture, and what it’s like working for the organization. You can click apply on the roles that seem fit to your qualifications. Check out all the booths that seem fit.

Who can register to GetHired 2020?

It is open to anyone with at least a bachelor's degree in technology, software engineering, computer science, software engineering, business, or design. In some cases, a relevant experience is also required.

Does the event charge any fees?

The event is completely free for attendees.

What is this Career Map?

It is a virtual map of the event with different booths. Each booth represents a company who is attending the event. Explore the company pages to know more.

I'm not looking for a job right now, can I still join?

Yes, you can attend the networking and informational session for the companies. Also attend the prep days to get familiar with the hiring process.

Do you have a position available for me now?

We hope so! Explore our career map and job listings at individual booths.

Do I have to attend the full day?

You do not have to stay for the whole event. We encourage you to actively look at the career map and apply before the actual day for possible matches before the day of the event.

Why don't some booths have any jobs listed?

Some companies are not hiring at the moment. Please check them at the career map to know about their products and connect with them during networking time.

Couldn’t find what I am looking for?

If you still have a question that wasn’t answered above, email us at gethired@pwic.org

Is it a women-only event?

No, it is open to everyone who meets the minimum qualification, work experience, and legal work authorization requirements. All community members are welcome to attend GetHired regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age.

I don't have a degree in computer science or technology, can I still apply?

The companies at the event are hiring for technology, data, UXD, and technical project management, program management, and product management tracks. Some of these positions may not require a technical qualification. You can check each company's open positions to see if you qualify. Please visit gethired.pwic.org for more information.

What information do I need to get register to the GetHired 2020 event?

Equipment: You need a desktop machine or a smart phone to start the registeration process. Minimum Qualitficaiton: At least an undergraduate degree in SWE, Tech, CS, Desig, Business or a technology related field.

Information: Full Name Email Phone (with country code) Resume` (Microsost Word, PDF) OR a link (URL) to your LinkedIn or GitHub or online Portfolio

What tracks or job families are hiring at the event?

The companies at the event are hiring for technology, data, UXD, and technical project management, program management, and product management tracks.

Can I apply to both Pakistan and North America events?

Yes, you can individually apply to both events. A legal work authorization to work in the country where you are applying for the job is a pre-requisite.

For Companies

How can I participate as a Hiring Partner?

Email us at gethired@pwic.org, Subject: Hiring Partner GetHired 2020

How can I participate as a Advertising Partner?

Email us at gethired@pwic.org, Subject: Advertising Partner GetHired 2020

About PWiC

What is PWiC?

Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC) is an AnitaB.org affiliated global community a of women hailing from Pakistan and their global allies, with the aim of collaborating, growing, inspiring, celebrating, mentoring and creating opportunities for each other. PWiC is a registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit in the state of Washington, USA. Learn more about PWiC mission here

How can I join the community?

PWiC is an online global community, you can join us by joininging our Facebook Group or by following us on our social media platforms. Online Community

Social Media Platforms

How can I become a member?

Currently, we don't have a membership program. You can join us by following one of our online social media platforms.

Who can join PWiC?

Background PWiC is a tech community and all our programs are tailored towards technology and computing related tracks but not limited to just those areas. For Professionals

  • Early Career
  • Mid Career
  • Senior
  • Executive
For Students
  • Currently enrollled in an UG, Graduate or PhD degree program in technology related disciplines

What's PWiC Vision?

Connect, Learn and Grow Together

What's PWiC Mission?

Our Mission

  • Build a strong global network of Pakistani women in technology and allies
  • Increase the community’s global reach, visibility and retention
  • Foster community’s growth through meaningful connections and learning opportunities

Are PWiC members only come from computing related disciplines?

We welcome members from all disciplines (engineering, technology, software engineering, business, digital, data, design) who can find inspiration, connection, learning and growth opportunities through our programs and community engagement.

Is it a women-only community?

No, we are all inclusive, anyone can become part of our events.

Is it a Pakistani-only community?

No, we are all inclusive and welcome anyone and everyone to come to our events and find means to connect, learn and grow with us.

Partner Communities

Prep Days

Who can sign up for prep days?

Prep days are open to all candidates who are participating in the career fair. Our career fair is open to everyone.

How can I sign up for prep days?

You can mention if you are interested to participate while filling out the registration form. Details for the Day 1 sessions will be shared on the website directly (and with all candidates through emails). Day 2 consists of mock interviews - which candidates can sign up on website also. (Links coming soon!) For more questions, reach out to gethired@pwic.org

Will all the sessions be interactive?

Some of the sessions are designed as talks which will be broadcasted and live-streamed for everyone followed by the Q&A session. For others, they will be more interactive where candidates will be split into multiple groups with a moderator and they can practice some of the skills.

How should I prepare for the mock interviews?

We suggest that you treat the mock interview like a real interview. The interview will be technical in nature and will be representative of what you will go through in a real interview. We will be providing guidelines on how to prepare on Day 1 of the event as well.

What happens in a CV Clinic?

Our team will go over some sample/representative resumes and design portfolios and give feedback. We will not have time to go over each and every resume but we hope the advice we give is useful for the broader audience. The session is meant to be interactive so please bring your questions and comments.

What happens if I don't do well in the mock interview?

The mock interview is intended to help you practice and to provide feedback on your interviewing skills. The result does not affect your participation in the career fair in any way.

Can I skip the prep days and still attend the main event?

Yes - the prep days are optional and intended as a resource for the candidates. There is no compulsion to attend.